Über Rita Fasel + Co-Autorin von Die Spuren der Seele, was Hand und Fuß über uns verratenAbout me
About me
The capacity of our soul to express itself by means of disease patterns is becoming a source of fascination for more and more people.

My initial training led me via western psychology to Tibetan eye diagnosis. Ruediger Dahlke’s Archetypal Medicine then served to extend and complement my own knowledge of iridology by integrating the vast field of psychosomatic disease pattern interpretation.

In the same way that our soul can be the cause of psychosomatic diseases, it is just as capable of giving us the gift of all-round good health. By considering different ways of thinking which explain how we can train our mind to change our body, clarify our soul and heal ourselves, it is possible to open up new pathways for me and my clients to attain greater personal responsibility and happiness.