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About me
The capacity of our soul to express itself by means of disease patterns is becoming a source of fascination for more and more people.

My initial training led me via western psychology to Tibetan eye diagnosis. Ruediger Dahlke’s Archetypal Medicine then served to extend and complement my own knowledge of iridology by integrating the vast field of psychosomatic disease pattern interpretation.

In the same way that our soul can be the cause of psychosomatic diseases, it is just as capable of giving us the gift of all-round good health. By considering different ways of thinking which explain how we can train our mind to change our body, clarify our soul and heal ourselves, it is possible to open up new pathways for me and my clients to attain greater personal responsibility and happiness.


customer reports

I came across your bestselling book "The Traces of the Soul", written with Ruediger Dahlke. It is very fascinating what hands and feet reveal from within. I am a yoga teacher myself and I am very involved in the relationships between body and psyche.
H. R. 5.3.2010
I'm just reading the book you wrote and I had the first aha experience directly on page 19; I'm probably a retrained left-hander. Moreover, I am at one point in my life, where the disorientation mentioned on page 20 becomes more and more evident, especially in the emotional and emotional realm, and I do not just want to - I have to do something in the meantime to understand myself better. Thank you, your book has made me boldly move forward. Th. N. 1.3.2010
For me a very valuable book. Reading what my hands say about me - and it's 100% true - is very intriguing, and above all, it was and still is very helpful on my path. I'm also very much looking forward to what else it can do!
I.U. 23/03/2010
I have been able to convey your new book 9x. It is really super-interesting, exciting and easy to read written. With a smiling eye, I take your wisdom around the hands and feet. Thank you for the great preparation. E.Sch. 05/03/2010
Your lecture and workshop impressed us. Personally, I have received many new insights that astonish me. R. T. 2.10.2012
Rita! You are one of the most remarkable women I have ever met! It's great that you're there. Su.G. 04/10/2012
Dear Rita, you are a wonderful therapist! A whirlwind of pure energy sprays! Dane, you dismantled me and reassembled me. I will follow all the advice! E. M. 08/08/2015
Dear Rita Fasel, I find your studies on our feet fascinating. Thanks for that! A. V. 09/11/2015
A marvel of self-knowledge! Si.De. 09/10/2015
Significant guide to self-knowledge, the many drawings and illustrations make it easy for the reader to interpret themselves and others. The in the new edition extension by eye diagnosis succeeded; the eyes as a lie detector in the middle of the face - already worth the book. But also hands and feet are described in great detail. Thank you. Th.W. 09/20/2016
Book is good assistant in the foot reflex; Check it out quickly, very clear and clearly structured. The information is clear and in my opinion very accurate and well-watched. K. G. 30.9.3016
Thank you so much for your detailed and reassuring interpretations. Your abilities to read everything and even more from the eyes, hands and feet is truly unique and a great gift for all those who can claim this gift from you! Thank you thank you.
F. L. 07/10/2016
Dear Rita, You inspired me from the very beginning. Thank you! B.F.-R. 17/10/2016
The most beautiful years of a woman are those in which she has decided to enjoy life, this and much more I was allowed to learn from you, dear Rita. Thank you very much! B. L. 19/10/2016
Dear Rita, meanwhile you are already heard in 91 countries and we congratulate to the echo of the truly great interview over 2650 people in 58 countries have heard the interview in the last 24 hours. E. K. 14/11/2014
I am still happy that I got to know you and you have enriched my life very much. Good luck for everything you tackle and make us happy. Ka.W. 22/12/2016
You can see right away that the author of these very high-quality cards knows exactly what she's talking about. The clarity and clarity with which a wealth of experience is presented, is immediately apparent. As a TCM doctor I have been dealing with eye diagnosis for many years and I am fascinated by the simplicity and ease with which a very complex knowledge is imparted. For my practice an important enrichment in working with patients. Give me all the psychosomatic connections and their reflection in the eyes important information on how the conversation with the patient could be opened. I.H. 01/13/2017
Highly Recommended! If this woman looks you in the eye, you can prepare yourself for some interesting surprises. Dear Rita Fasel, your eye-reading art is a gift! May many more people benefit from it. M.A. 28/12/2016
Wow- what the Creator has come up with. There are so many wonderful things - to learn and to learn - I thank you for your look in the eyes of my son F ... .A.DC. 01/30/2017
It makes you curious about more. I love this book and I love how things are right. As far as hand and foot are concerned, it really has everything on hand and foot! To the ladies of this world; if you have a man in the selection, look at his feet and hands more closely. Who wants to deal with this topic, which needs this book for sure. Thank you for giving this!
D.B. 17/10/2016
It has been known for a long time that our feet reflect the body, mind and soul in a very special way. Prof. Rita Fasel works in her practice with foot analysis based on her many years of knowledge. The card set is absolutely awesome and helpful for all therapists. G. P. 06/02/2017
Look into my eyes and I'll tell you who you are. In fact, yesterday, in your analysis, dear Rita, I was amazed more than once, what you see in my eyes. Thank you for your loving support and clear words. Now I know what I have to do. If you also want clarity about all your physical and mental health, then turn to the eye-woman Rita Fasel with confidence! C.S.G. 03/01/2017
Rita Fasel she belongs as iridologist necessarily for me on the speaker list. However, she has also been working for a long time on hand and foot diagnostics and related life issues. Your body reading is very direct and exciting! J.B.17.3.2017
dear Mrs. Fasel it does not stop with the very interesting valuable hints from you. You are so intent on helping people, thank you very much. M. H. 03/18/2017
Dear Rita, The two training days with you were really great. You have such a wonderful way of teaching, so it just makes you happy. I'm also looking forward to reading in your books and learning a lot more. Very nice eager greetings. T. K. 04/03/2017
Thanks for all the help with my hallux big toes, I stride straight again, thanks to their help and without Op! W. K. 04/04/2017
Huh ... my toe! A personal report, as I knew through Rita Fasel's hints where I can still learn. Thanks be to you dear writer colleague. I. A. 05/18/2017
I can highly recommend the foot diagnosis book with the cards to all parents and grandparents. It's great fun to learn more about yourself and sensitize your children to personal responsibility, health care and wonderful, exciting ways of life ... E.F. 05/30/2017
I have felt so well in your practice, a wonderful kingdom, I have been able to meet you as an open and joyful woman with a luminous soul. Your approachable and open nature and the trusting conversations with you have touched me deeply and I have you as a valuable teacher completely closed in my heart. The sound recording of our session, I have listened again and aftermath. This recording is gold worth, thank you. F.K. 06/27/2017
This wonderful learning afternoon with you is a valuable asset. I could have listened for hours and am fascinated by your knowledge. I will treat myself to this every year and come back. V. S. 06/30/2017
I just managed to watch and feel the TV show "my last chance". That touched me a lot, thanks to you for building this center and if exactly "that" was your higher task, you have done a great job and I hope that the possibility of this mission will reach many people and be shaken awake ! D.S. 07/10/2017
With enthusiasm I read repeatedly your book "Traces of the soul" A concentrated miracle for me as a therapist. J.S. 07/11/2017
Wau- I was just totally flashed and deeply touched, dear Rita Fasel, you brought it to my heart as early as the beginning of the year and helped me enormously. Yes, my life has changed a lot since then and I'm sooo thankful to you. This documentation in Atv. TV I can recommend to anyone, maybe it just helps YOU maybe it's your last chance for YOU, see for yourself! C. G. 08/06/2017
that's so nice, dear Rita, also so wonderful to see you in the video and to hear ... remember beautiful moments back with your card set last year, thank you and your precious work! K. P. 18/12/2017
I am amazed, I never thought that so much could happen after a foot diagnosis. There came thoughts, stories, memories, such and such, and now, thanks to the help of Rita Fasel, I see the connections where there were not any before, certain patterns of behavior get a background and therefore sense, good or not so much ... so much for reflection, I can now see how much can be done with just one session and I think that's really nice. M. H. 07/10/2017
Dear Ms. Fasel, I have never had such a great, competent, instructive and sensitive appointment as you. I can only say 5 stars plus. My husband was also impressed by my stories. Almost a miracle, what you have discovered with me everything and it is 100% consistent. From now on, I am working hard on implementing the tips you have given me. From now on, I will communicate and act at eye level (I love the expression at eye level - that's really right for me). Behavioral response from a feeling of fear - yes, it is correct that my behavior was cautious in the case of dangerous situations / conflicts. I reacted by majority rather than acting. I felt that the steam boiler is full and slowly but surely makes frustration wide. Work now to act daily, well-dosed and without aggression. They have aroused so much in me, which is in me and I just could not assign for me. Your knowledge and your dealings with fellow human beings are very appealing to me, you are such an exciting and very smart person. I am looking forward to seeing you again at the Lucerne circuit. R.M. 21/10/2017
Thanks again for the course. It was a very exciting day, which gave me a lot of good impulses. G. R. 20/11/2017
Thanks again for the wonderful training course. I felt so comfortable among all the women and I think you have such a nice way to bring the topics that affect everyone. That was certainly not the last course I would visit from you. N.B. 23/11/2017
Thank you very much for our today's Skypegespräch. You helped me a lot. Greetings T.G. 24/11/2017
She is known for her books, education worldwide and online mentoring programs where she helps people become masters of their lives. Their participants value their supportive, open and heartfelt nature and the incredible results they achieve with their support. K.K. 04/12/2017
They intervene, skilfully steer our conversation, hook up, either bring momentum or calm to the table, ask impartially, provocatively, simply, informally.
Sometimes your knowledge almost scares me. 1000 thanks for your existence. Bertha K. 27.12.2017
I really love to write READER QUOTES, with you, dear Mrs. Fasel, do not listen to my hymn of praise! Thank you for the countless learning tips in German and English!
E. K. from Jonah / 29.12.2017
Dear Rita, from the bottom of my heart I thank you again for your competent knowledge, your motivating suggestions and the good tips!
Your empathetic words are still echoing in me - you put it so nicely "be your own best friend" -
I'll stay tuned and start looking after myself :-)
During our conversation, I felt, accepted and understood by your wonderful way - THANKS!
Dearest Rita I wish you all the best and the best - be protected!
A.Z. 01/29/2018
There are "some penny's droped and fell" - thank you very much! Ch.Pf. from Zurich / 11.1.2018
Thanks again for the wonderful weekend, it has opened all my eyes! P. H. from Solothurn / 12.1.2018
I was able to learn my power of forgiveness and gratitude for my life from His examples in the daily course. It helped a lot to get back on my trail of life. M. K. from Lucerne / 15.1.2018
Dear Rita, What you have experienced all yourself and can handle it so well, is eternal role model for me. Your E.BvG. from Lucerne / 22.1.2018
Our whole company from magazine to boss speaks joyfully of your intensive workshop - we are again a team! Thank you! E.Z. GmbH Bern / 26.1.2018
This free webinar with Rita was my breakthrough. I know now that I can not encounter life as an abuse survivor who is persecuted daily by the thoughts of the narcissist and why it is the way it is and what if ... but I know how to get myself up, me even the point of becoming can completely surrender and regain confidence in order to find and strengthen my true self.
Rita, I will be forever grateful to you for what you have done for me. You saved my life! THANK YOU!
Ch. H. from B. 2.2.2018
Rita produced a clarity that I could never find in any other therapist! I wholeheartedly wish for anyone who goes through the abuse of a narcissist to tap into their incredible and simple processes. With gratitude and love I am now recovering after 26 years of abuse, thank you dear Rita!
G. J. from Zurich 5.2.2018

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