Rita Fasel Die Spuren der Seele, was Auge, Hand und Fuß über uns verratenCurriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1963 and raised in Berne, Switzerland; vocational baccelaureate diploma  and degree in Business Administration; mother of two grown up daughters and a step-son; management position in the international aviation and ship-building industry, lived and worked in England, Indonesia, the Middle East and Southern France; various forms of additional vocational training in iridology and psychology; early interest in spirituality; during a 3-year stay in Asia, different forms of training in Feng Shui and yoga; trainer for body language in London; graphology training in Zurich and London, as well as a diploma in the psychology of handwriting; body language seminars with Samy Molcho in Vienna. Since 1995, training and career focus in European and Tibetan eye diagnosis; from 1982 onwards, continual training and further professional development in hand and foot reading, with the result that the latter now complements eye diagnosis as one of the two main focal points of my work.
Lecturer at various schools and institutions within the framework of vocational training for practitioners of naturopathic medicine; seminar leader for energy weeks, yoga and fasting courses. Awards for innovative therapies at different university hospitals in Europe, and more recently, also in America.

The collaboration with her former husband Dr. Ruediger Dahlke has resulted in professional development courses for medical professionals, and for therapists in the field of Iridiology and of hand and foot reading as well as the book “The Traces of the Soul, What our Hands and Feet Reveal about us”, which has also been translated into various different languages.

Together with Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, she added an additional area of focus to her career with the construction and set up of the “TamanGa” seminar centre in the Austrian region of Styria – a role which entailed the conceptualization and construction planning for the entire project. During her 14 months as construction supervisor and subsequent two-years as manager, an exceptional oasis for good health was created in TamanGa in Gamlitz, which numerous seminar participants were able to enjoy, prior to Rita Fasel once again devoting her attention entirely to eye diagnosis as well as to promoting its dissemination and increased recognition in Europe and the USA.  

Rita Fasel finds great joy in being able to recognize different patterns of illness in her clients and in teaching them to recognize the causes of their illnesses themselves. As a result of the innovative way she conveys her knowledge of iridology as a doctor for the soul, this form of diagnosis is gaining increasing interest among contemporary, non-invasive diagnosis methods in traditional medicine. On the path to good health, Rita Fasel reminds people again and again that they can learn to view their problems from the heart.