Hand- & Fussdiagnose von Rita FaselHand & Foot Diagnosis
  • Hand & Fussdiagnose Rita Fasel

  • „Auf den Spuren der Seele“

  • „Auf den Spuren der Seele“

Hand & Foot Diagnosis

Our hands show to what extent we have a grip on life. A hand diagnosis can also indicate how we can develop an even better grip on it and get more out of it. In particular, it shows our predispositions, for instance, what a particular hand is intended to perform, i.e. whether we are dealing with an empathetic Water hand that goes with the flow of emotions, a well-grounded and practical Earth hand, the bouncing lightness of an Air hand or the blazing enthusiasm of the Fire hand. On top of this, the very ends of our fingertips along with our fingerprints present the traces of our life design. The feet - our roots - show how and where we stand, while the tips of our toes show with clarity and precision how we go about dealing with the important issues of life. Those who look at their feet can learn to understand their life better and more deeply. A foot diagnosis provides you with the support to trip through life in a more light-footed way and allows you to get to know yourself better in order to then better stand up for yourself! Working from what is visible to what is not visible, we get closer to you and your roots! A wealth of traditional knowledge and new knowledge about feet serves to forge fascinating links between the feet and the owner of those feet. Feet show us our understanding of ourselves. Rita Fasel explains the relationship between the shape of the foot, the Archetypal Principles and the Primal Elements; she also interprets the length of the toes as well as their orientation. "Following the traces of the soul" thus allows the development of greater self-awareness.

Knowledge about one’s own abilities, values and deficits is the basis of all happiness and success. After a diagnosis using the Archimedes Method®, you will be able to apply your newly-learned skills by yourself straightaway.

In private sessions, seminars and workshops, Rita Fasel considers it to be of particular importance to combine expert knowledge with personal growth. She draws her knowledge about the art of foot reading from experiential-based medicine, ancient healing traditions and from numerous personal observations in her day-to-day, practical work with clients. The iris, along with the hand and foot diagnoses that she has developed, teach her clients to go about dealing with their lives and their environment in a more open way.

The radiance of a fresh, self-confident charisma will accompany you from then on and ensure that others take (even) more notice of you.

As a pioneer in the fields of eye and foot interpretation, Rita Fasel has set new standards in the past few years by successfully combining background knowledge from different cultures and traditions. Naturally, she is continually on the lookout for new ways to develop her programs further and to integrate tried-and-trusted, traditional knowledge with new knowledge in order to continually enhance the quality of her diagnoses and training seminars.

[Die Spuren der Seele]** The Traces of the Soul (** not yet translated The Traces of the Soul, What our Hands and Feet Reveal about us)

Hungary:   A lélek nyomai, Amiröl a kéz és a láb vall

Czech: Stopy duše aneb Co o nás prozrazují ruce a nohy

Argentina: Huellas del alma / Traces of the soul

Italy: Le Impronte dell'Anima / che cosa le mani e i piedi rivelano di noi