Persönliches Iridiologie ProgrammYour Personal Iridology Program

Your Personal Iridology Program

So you’re interested in the Archimedes88 Method® and want to do something good for your health? I suggest embarking on your own personal iridology program.

The Archimedes88 program® is aligned in accordance with your own individual state of health and offers you the following:

- 2 personal consultations
- Your own personal health folder with guidelines for further action
- Your own personal Archimedes88® eye mirror.

Take the chance on taking the first step and saying yes to ever-increasing good health and more energy in daily life. I look forward to receiving your mail inquiry.

"There are not only contagious diseases; there is also contagious good health."

Kurt Hahn
"When man learns the first important rule, that everything that exists is good, because it is, more and more calm he will become."
Thorwald Dethlefsen