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Swiss Francs Euro
Iris diagnosis per consultation hour 160.00 150.00
Hand & foot diagnosis per consultation hour 160.00 150.00
Full-day prices for seminars and lecturing activities available on request at:
Rita Fasel in brief – iridologist, seminar leader; specialist fields: eye diagnosis and hand and foot reading, in particular fingertips and toes.

Fascinated by eyes, hands and feet even as a child, Rita developed an interest in eye diagnosis very early on in life, and parallel to her management career, undertook relevant training with various specialists in many different countries. Tibetan eye diagnosis and Arabic foot reading were particularly decisive stepping stones along her career path. Later, she studied Archetypal Medicine as advocated by Ruediger Dahlke, thus extending her knowledge of natural medicine even further by integrating psychosomatic illness patterns.

Using hand and foot diagnoses, Rita Fasel is quickly able to find the sore spot of her clients and course participants – the point where small changes can result in great steps forward. Let yourself be surprised by the variety as well as the breadth and depth of her knowledge. Intriguing seminars and workshops as well as one-to-one consultations and photo-based analyses in line with archetypal principles and the theory of the four primal elements represent an excellent complement to further training, not just for therapists, but indeed for anyone who is interested in this fascinating field.